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Conference Theme

The 2014 Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development

Wherever you work – in practice, policy, research, education or social development – we are keen to ensure that your interests are responded to in the development of our Conference Program. The theme is ‘Promoting Social and Economic Equality: Responses from Social Work and Social Development’. Our focus is on the intersection of the many factors that promote equality for all people within our diverse contexts around the world.

This Conference will provide opportunities for you to talk with colleagues about your interests in health, disability, mental health, child and family welfare, gender, human rights, migration and refugees and other current issues. Given the Australian context, we encourage a focus on Indigenous voices from around the world, as well as consumer voices, throughout the entire Conference Program. We will come together to share achievements and ideas from clinical and statutory practitioners, from researchers and educators, and from policy makers. We are keen to ensure that the broad interests of participants are clearly accommodated in the Conference sessions.

Our Conference sub-themes are:

  • Strengthening the social and cultural wellbeing of individuals, families and communities – promoting resilience, empowerment, safety and respect
  • Addressing health inequalities and disadvantage for individuals and communities
  • Fostering social and economic initiatives that promote security and protection
  • Creating sustainable and safe physical environments
  • Educating for change, human rights and equality
  • Ensuring the sustainable and ethical use of technology in human services (#husITa14).

By theming our Conference in this way, we want to promote new conversations that transcend our specific fields and methods of practice. Through our collective engagement in social work and social development, we share this new global agenda.